Our 10 Point Approach to Health

Our Dental Examination

The dental examination is actually much more complex that it would often appear. The health of the mouth can give a good insight into a patient’s general health- so it’s not just the teeth and gums that are being examined. Oral cancer checking is essential given that this is a disease that is becoming more prevalent in the population.

Here is our 10-point approach to ensuring dental health

Health check

Medical conditions and medication can affect the health of your mouth and for this reason we ask you about these at every visit.

Finding out about you

We find out about your social history and habits to assess their effects on your mouth, teeth and gums.

Soft and hard tissue screening

Inside your mouth (for example tongue, cheek and palate) is checked to see how healthy the skin of your mouth is. We are screening for red or white patches and ulcers.

Listening to your concerns

We discuss your concerns about your mouth and if you have experienced any changes since your last visit.

Tooth examination

Our thorough tooth examination checks for decay, tooth wear, sensitivity and fractures.

Gum health check

Your gums are examined to screen for gum disease, gum recession (which may lead to sensitivity), bleeding and any other abnormalities that may be apparent.

Looking for wear and tear

Any fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures or other existing dental work is examined to ensure it is still sound.

Special testing

Where appropriate x-rays and other special tests are carried out to enable the early detection of decay and to check for possible root or bone problems.

Monitoring tooth development

The development of children’s teeth and their position is examined and if necessary orthodontic advice may be given. Disease prevention advice will also be provided.

Cosmetic concerns

Your smile is important and we can advise on cosmetic treatments to improve the colour and appearance of your teeth.