Oral surgery

All the dentists here at the practice are trained and experienced at carrying out routine dental extractions, including teeth requiring removal for orthodontic referrals with sedation services if required.

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Your dentist will be able to deal with most routine dental extractions, however there are times where we need to call on the services of a specialist oral surgeon. In such circumstances we are able to use the fantastic services of Rebecca Wasley, who has been working with us in Billingshurst one or two days a month over the last few years and has a wide experience in carrying out a wide scope of more advanced oral surgery procedures.  

Click here for Rebecca Wasley's referrals page.

Intra-venous sedation can be provided for oral surgery procedures either by our sedation team or we can arrange for the services of 3H Medical for longer procedures. Do let us know if this is an additional service that would be of interest to you.

Dental extractions are indicated for varying reasons

·      Teeth that have suffered extensive decay and caused pain and infection

·      Teeth that have suffered advanced gum disease-causing swelling and looseness

·      Cracked or dead teeth which cannot be restored

·      Overcrowding of teeth, often after recommendation from orthodontic colleague

·      Infected partially erupted wisdom teeth

Whatever the reason, your dentist will talk through all the options available to you for replacing the affected tooth (should that be required). On many occasions, your dentist will be able to carry out the extraction(s) for you under local anaesthesia. If the nature of the procedure is causing you anxiety, please do ask if sedation could be considered or we may even decide hospital referral for general anaesthesia is more appropriate.

"I would not hesitate to highly recommend Billingshurst Dental Practice. I received excellent treatment when I attended the Billingshurst Dental practice for a tooth extraction last week.

Although having a tooth out is not a pleasant experience, from start to finish the treatment I was given was first class. All the staff were extremely helpful and professional and went out of their way to help before during and after my visit. The follow up phone call to check how I was the following day was certainly very much appreciated and typified the high standard of care provided.

I would like to especially thank Rebecca Wasley and her nurse who were extremely professional and caring during my treatment and kept me informed throughout.

They are a great team and I would not hesitate to recommend the practice to others, thank you." - Kevin