Dental Implants

Dental implants are a well-established treatment, in most cases the preferred option for replacing missing teeth thereby avoiding the need to wear a removeable denture or modify teeth adjacent to a tooth gap. The restoration is a stand- alone permanent and natural looking fixture, available here with our own specialist, Jonathan Murphy.

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In most cases, dental implants are the BEST way to replace a missing tooth.

A missing tooth doesn’t just affect your smile, it can change your ability to chew effectively by maintaining the line of teeth and preventing other ones tilting or moving into the space. After the planning stage, under local anaesthetic and via a small incision in the gum, a narrow diameter titanium implant is carefully screwed into the bone at the site of the lost tooth. After a few weeks an implant crown is constructed and attached to the underlying fixture and appears to emerge from the gum as a natural looking tooth.  

If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to restore your smile and improve and maintain good biting and chewing function, then please speak to your dentist or click on the link below to find out more.

Implants Explained

"Many thanks to Jonathan, Andrew and the team at Billingshurst Dental Practice for my fabulous dental implants.  I’d been so self-conscious of my ‘less than perfect’ smile for so long, and prior to treatment, had felt very apprehensive about having implants (I’ve never been one to enjoy a visit to the dentist).   I need not have worried - the whole process was stress-free and pain-free, with each step being clearly explained and excellent support provided along the way.  Being able to smile with confidence has made such a difference to me."  Rebecca