In cases where a number of teeth need replacing, dentures (removable dental prostheses) are still often the best form of treatment. The practice uses high quality and well-established denture technical laboratories to ensure first-class results to restore your smile and bite.

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The prospect of losing teeth, particularly at the front of the mouth can be a daunting and potentially traumatic and emotional journey. We are very aware of this and would like to reassure patients that in these circumstances there needs to be a lot of discussion and careful planning in providing this treatment. Every effort will be made to ensure that every consideration is made to ensure that your smile is restored in accordance with your wishes- often a photo of your natural smiling teeth is a great help to us. Your utmost confidentiality will be respected and treatment planned in such a way that you will never be without your front teeth.

Replacing the back teeth may not seem as important given that they are less visible. However, your dentist may advise that the bite in a specific area is re-established, particularly if the loss of the back teeth is leading to excessive wear and deterioration of the teeth at the front.

Where there will be no remaining teeth, we would replace with what is termed a complete (full) denture; where there are some remaining teeth- a partial denture. Denture teeth are usually generally made form acrylic and are available in a wide variety of shapes and shades selected specifically to suit each particular patient’s face and mouth. Partial dentures can be designed with a chrome-cobalt sub framework which often gives advantages in terms of sleekness, strength and retention.

It can be possible to also design dentures to be implant retained in cases where it is not possible to gain a sufficient degree of reliable retention (grip). Jonathan Murphy, our implant specialist is experienced in not only placing dental implants, but also in integrating dentures to be supported and retained by them. Ask your dentist for details.

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