Preventive dental care

Gingivitis and gum disease (periodontitis) are especially common conditions and are seen in one or both forms in most patients. It is true to say that gingivitis is entirely preventable and gum disease suitably controlled in the majority of cases with preventive treatment aided by our excellent hygienist team

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Periodontal (gum) diseases are especially common and in the majority of cases preventable. Gingivitis is prevalent in mouths of all ages and will occur rapidly if toothbrushing is not maintained to a good standard.  

Your dentist will be assessing the health of the tooth supporting structures at all examinations and making recommendations frequently to help you maintain good gum health. Where inflammation and potential disease persists, there may be a need to use the services of one of our excellent hygienists. They will give tailored advice on effective toothbrushing technique and advise on the specific tools to use.  

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Periodontal Diseases

More severe gum disease is rarer but still seen in our patients. Early detection is vital and our dentists may possibly advise a referral to a periodontal specialist should the need arise in these cases.