Sedation Services

One of the major barriers to patients seeking dental care is the ‘fear of going to the dentist’. This is often explained by a bad experience going back many years which then becomes exaggerated over time. The practice has a long history of treating anxious patients and offers a number of sedation techniques carried out by an experienced sedation team.

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Billingshurst Dental Practice has had a long history of priding itself with catering for dentally anxious patients. Dental anxiety is especially common and is a significant barrier in patient’s seeking or successfully completing needed dental treatment. Do let your dentist know about any anxiety or fear that may affect you- you may even want to fill out a pre-examination anxiety questionnaire below which will help us to cater specifically to your needs.

Anxiety Questionnaire

Two of the dentists at the practice, Andrew Wickenden and Chrissie Carey are experienced in dental sedation and are able to carry out most dental treatments at the same time as providing sedation with their sedation nurses. They are both also able to provide sedation for our specialists if that is your requirement.

There are several techniques available to suit all needs- please ask your dentist to advise and you can read about our sedation techniques available in the link below. Andrew or Chrissie could arrange to see you for a short pre-sedation consultation prior to any proposed treatment when you would have a chance to meet them, discuss any queries and go over any necessary paperwork.  

All About Sedation