Tooth whitening

Ever considered having that cleaner and brighter smile? We can help you achieve a quick, predictable and long-lasting result with our home whitening system using tested and approved bleaching agents. It’s simple- over two short visits we will provide you with a bespoke set of close- fitting trays with all the necessary gel to get you off and away.

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Tooth whitening is now readily available and widely accepted as a way towards achieving that lovely healthy-looking smile. Is this something you have considered in the past but dismissed it for some reason?

  • Healthy tooth colour varies greatly, some people naturally have darker, yellower teeth than others
  • Our teeth naturally darken as we get older and will also pick up superficial stains from food, drink and tobacco which we cannot remove with brushing
  • Good news! All teeth will lighten with our gentle tooth whitening gels- the result is predictable and the result will last for up to 18 months
  • Gels can then be reapplied to ‘top-up’ to the original effect
  • Whitening is safe and does not damage tooth structure in any way, so long as you have had a recent dental examination and your dentist has assessed your mouth as healthy

It is a very simple treatment, with 2 short appointments at the practice. Your dentist will either scan your teeth or take impressions to create custom made trays for you to use with Boutique Whitening gels. Simply wear the trays for up to 3-4 hours and over 10 days or so you will gently lighten your teeth.

Speak to your dentist about starting this simple and easy procedure or contact our treatment planning co-ordinator on the link to the right to book an appointment.

Click here to download our tooth whitening FAQs