Billingshurst Dental Practice

a family practice
based in the heart of Billingshurst, West Sussex

We provide affordable and comprehensive high quality general dentistry for all ages offering a wide selection of dental treatments. Our experienced multi-disciplinary team are equipped with latest technologies to give you healthier mouths with stunning smiles!

Your treatment is individually tailored with a health-based approach to your dental care focussing on preventing problems before they arise. Nervous patients will be especially welcomed with our calm, unhurried approach and experience in sedation techniques.

"We live in Billingshurst and are so fortunate to have such a wonderful dental practice locally – and, as a further bonus, so brilliantly modernised recently.
Truly wonderful service; a lovely, cohesive and thoughtful team and everyone greeted with a smile and kindness. One never normally looks forward to going to the dentist but we wouldn’t miss an appointment for anything! "

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Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

New Product - EMS Airflow

This technique is very well tolerated by patients because of the warm water delivery and by replacing instrument vibration with precise high pressure antibacterial water jet. Click the link to see the demonstration video.

‍The practice has recently invested in the latest technology for providing effective and comfortable gum disease management. The EMS air flow system is now available to our hygienist team aimed at disrupting harmful build-up which collects around the gum line.

I have just returned from the best hygienist appointment I have ever had with Sharon.  The reason for this is not only due to Sharon’s continued care and attention but also the new Air Flow system used.

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