A healthy mouth is a mouth with teeth that are well aligned, allowing good and efficient masticatory function and effective cleaning. Good dental care is ensuring that developing mouths mature into healthy mouths. To compliment this, an aesthetic smile is also a desired aim and we can help to achieve both of these at whatever age.

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Under 18 years

All our dentists will regularly assess the developing bite and smile of younger patients and make appropriate and timely referral for orthodontic intervention both within and outside the NHS services. Early assessment and diagnosis and referral for patients with growing and developing teeth and jaws is important and forms an essential component of the dental examination in this age group.

Generally, it is preferred that a referral is made by your dentist, however our most local providers in Horsham can be contacted directly at www.neo-orthodontics.com or www.totalorthodontics.co.uk.

Adult orthodontics

Mild to moderate crowding of front teeth and smile enhancement for adult patients is now a well- established part of treatment at the practice for adult patients. Clear aligner correction using ‘Invisalign’ and ‘Smilelign’ systems are available offering an invisible solution in 6-12 months. More complex corrections would normally be carried out by referral to local specialist orthodontists. Your dentist can discuss alternative options.

"My alignment work carried out by Andrew Wickenden has been a great success particularly re-aligning a very prominent lower tooth that would from time to time, when playing sport, impinge on my lower lip.  The alignment only worked because minor adjustments were made in the adjoining teeth to allow the prominent one to be put back into position.  It is also means that the bite is more comfortable when eating.  I am delighted with the end result and would highly recommend Andrew for this dental work." - John

“I’m beyond happy with my results, my teeth were always something I was self-conscious about and getting them treated has really helped my self esteem. Dr Wickenden was incredibly helpful, really couldn’t recommend his practice for this treatment more.”  - Amy

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