Creating a great impression with new digital scanner technology!

Nicola scanning with Toni

The digital revolution is now well established in modern-day dental practice. Following the introduction of digital x ray in 2009, the surgery in Billingshurst has recently invested in two digital impression scanners.

Recent advances in scanning technology now means that it is possible for dentists to record 3D digital copies of the teeth and surrounding gums. This information is stored securely in ‘the cloud’ and is uploaded whenever needed. Dentists can now accurately compare scans of the teeth over time to monitor tooth movements and any associated wear and tear. 

It is now also possible to send dental laboratories ‘impression scans’ of the teeth when prepared for crowns and bridges- negating the need for a mouth full of messy impression materials and speeding up the construction process. We are now in the process of working closely with our partnered dental technicians to make this digital technology work for dentures. 

The laboratories will also securely save the digital data so nothing is lost meaning repeat appliances such as orthodontic retainers can be reordered without additional appointments.

Andrew explaining scan